Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering

The Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering constitutes one department specializing a study of mechanical or dynamical "function" of man-made objects and/or nature including human bodies, along with the other two departments specializing "materials" and "systems." This Department organizes itself to endow students with various programs of education and research on mechanical science and bioengineering, and consists of three divisions: Division of Nonlinear Mechanics, Division of Mechanical Engineering and Division of Bioengineering. The programs at all three divisions emphasize the acquirement of fundamental knowledge and scientific skills with ethics. At the Division of Nonlinear Mechanics, discipline on various mechanics of fluids, solids, etc. is bestowed from a viewpoint of nonlinear mechanics. Environment/energy issues, functions of emerging materials, and mechanical behavior of structures are among the topics. At the Division of Mechanical Engineering, fundamental knowledge of mechanics are applied to developments of novel machines and reliable functions required for near-future space mission, robotics, intelligent material processing and manufacturing. At the Division of Bioengineering, biomechanical and biophysical studies are performed on the analyses of the structure and function of nano- to human-scaled living systems and their applications to biological and medical sciences, clinical medicine, assistive and rehabilitation technology, applied mechanics, photonics, and engineering.