Link to Divisions and Laboratories


Division of Nonlinear Mechanics Mechanics of Fluids and Thermo-fluids

Thermal Engineering and Science Gr. (Kawahara Lab.)

Fluid Mechanics Gr. (Sugimoto Lab.)

Mechanics of Solid Materials Strength of Structure and Materials Gr. (Kobayashi Lab.)

Solid Mechanics Gr. (Hirao Lab.)

Division of Mechanical Engineering Propulsion Engineering Molecular Fluid Dynamics Gr. (Kawano Lab.)

Fluids Engineering Research Gr. (Tsujimoto Lab.)

Mechano-information Robotics and Mechatronics Gr. (Miyazaki Lab.)

Theoretical Solid Mechanics Gr. (Ogata Lab.)

Division of Bioengineering Biomechanical Engineering Biomechanics Gr. (Wada Lab.)

Mechanical and Bioengineering Systems Gr. (Tanaka Lab.)

Biophysical Engineering Cellular System Engineering Gr. (Miyake Lab.)

Bio-Dynamics Gr. (Nomura Lab.)

Biomedical and Biophysical Measurements Biomedical Photonics Gr.(Araki Lab.)

Bio-Imaging Gr. (Oshiro Lab.)